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Nitric oxide (NO) can be removed from gas-fired power-plant emissions by reaction with methane as follows:

CH4(g) + 4NO(g) --> 2N2(g) + CO2(g) + 2H2O(g)

Complete the equation relating the rates for each of the following:

a) the rate of appearance of N2 to the rate of appearance of CO2
rate= ∆[N2]/∆t = ??/∆t

b)rate of appearance of CO2 to the rate of disappearance of NO
rate= ∆[CO2]/∆t = ??/∆t

c) rate of disappearance of CH4 to the rate of appearance of H2O
rate= -∆[CH4]/∆t = ??/∆t

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    a. I can't write a delta symbol. delta T will be dT.
    rate = d[N2]/2*dT = d[CO2]/dT

    b and c are done the same way except the disappearance is shown with a - sign.
    rate = d[CO2]/dT = -d[NO]4*dT

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    they are saying that the d[CO2] for the d[CO2]/dT is wrong but I'm not sure why.

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