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Calculate the equilibrium constant at 300 K
for the reaction
HgO(s) ↽⇀ Hg(ℓ) +
given the data

delta S delta h
J/K mol mol

HgO(s) 70.29 −90.83
Hg(ℓ) 76.02 0
O2(g) 205.14 0

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    I can't tell what your columns/numbers mean.
    dH rxn = (n*dH products) - (n*dH reactants). Solve for dH rxn.
    dS rxn = (n*dS products) - (n*dS reactants). Solve for dS rxn.
    dG = dH - TdS. Solve for dG.
    Then dG = -RT*lnK. Solve for K. T must be in kelvin, use 8.314 for R.

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