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Using the approximation log10^2=0.301, find:


  • Logarithms -

    since 10^8 = 10^8,
    log 10^8 = 8

    giving the exponent makes finding the log easy, since a log is in fact an exponent

    log 100 = 2
    because 10^2 = 100

  • Wrong, typo -

    log 10^2 = IS NOT .301
    log base 10 of 2 = .301
    usually written log10(2)
    I bet you want log base 10 of 8

    log10 (2^3) = 3 log10(2) = 3(.301) = .903
    which i bet is what your are looking for

  • Logarithms -

    Yes Damon that's what I meant. Thanks!

  • Logarithms - my bad -

    My bad. I didn't read the entire problem. I might even have caught the strange notation. Go with Damon.

  • Logarithms -

    It's fine. Thanks

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