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Calculate the number of moles of KIO3 consumed by reaction (2.1). Remember, it is the limiting reagent. Using this information, calculate the number of moles of I- that must have been consumed by reaction.
Unbalanced equation: IO -(aq) + I-(aq) + H+(aq) ΓΏ I (aq) + H O(l)

Concentration of KIO3 is 0.1201 mol/l
Volume of KIO3 is 5.00ml or 0.005 L

I got the amount of mols for KIO3 but have no idea how to get it for I-

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    Hey this is the same uoit lab I just completed and submitted, if you can tell me your value again for KLO3 (amount of mols) i'll be able to solve it for you

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    repost, did you do 0.1201 * 0.005=6*10^-4, if so then you'd subtract this number from the one calculated in part 2 and there's your answer

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