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Triangle with vertices:

Show that the right bisectors of the sides of triangleDEF all intersect at point C(-4,4), the circumcentre of the triangle.

-I found the midpoint of DF then the slope of the midpoint and point E, then found y intercept of new point (midpoint I labelled A) I then subbed point C into the equation of the line found. But it doesn't seem to be equally each other as they!

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    Problem #1 is that you are not finding the right-bisector, but rather the medians

    I will describe the steps to find your first right-bisector
    1. the midpoint of DF is A(-3, 9)
    2. slope of DF = 6/-30 = - 1/5
    3. So the slope of the right-bisector of DF is +5
    4. equation of right-bisector is
    y = 5x + b , but A(-3,9) lies on it, so
    9 = 5(-3) + b
    b = 24
    right-bisector of DF is y = 5x + 24

    repeat those steps for one of the other sides

    solve those two equations, you should get (-4,4)

    Find the equation of the third side, using the above steps
    Sub in (-4,4) to see if it satisfies the third equation, it should !!

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