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How do you solve this equation;
There are 128 7th graders at Mark's school, if there are 16 more girls than boys, how many 7th grade boys are there?

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    first you subtract 16 from the number of all students , then divide that number by two and you will get your answer .

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    128= number of total students.
    X= the number of boys
    so, 16+X because there are 16 more girls than boys...
    so subract 16 from 128 which equals 112
    so the number of boys is 112 and the number of girls is 112+16

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    Subtract 16 from the number of all students. 128 - 16 = 112. Divide 112 by 2 = 56. There are 56 BOYS and 56 + 16 = 72 GIRLS

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    Let boys=x and girls=x+16:-

    boys + girls =218
    x + (x+16 =218
    2x + 16 =218
    x = (218-16)/2
    = 101
    Hence boys =101 and girls =101+16

    Hope this helps

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    In a survey, three out of seven people named blue as their favorite color. One out of six named red. If 1,092 people were included in the survey, how many named neither blue nor red as their favorite color (can any one help me
    A. 650 people
    B. 468 people
    C. 442 people
    D. 806 people

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