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How did physical features affect migration and the distribution of culture groups in the Pacific Island Region?

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    I'll be glad to comment on your answer.

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    I was wondering if there was any chance you could help me, I have absolutely no idea. If you can't that's alright. I'll figure something else out.

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    I'm sure this is covered in your social studies book.

    Physical features are things like mountains, lakes, oceans, deserts, islands, and rivers.

    Did any of these affect how people moved from one place to another in the Pacific Ocean?

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    How did they affect these people?

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    Well, they had to do more work.

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    Aww -- come on, Rawr -- you can do better than that.

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    They worked harder because the current was stronger, didn't they?

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    I'm just kinda confused

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    They canoed from one island to another. They couldn't live on an island that had no fresh water and a good supply of food.

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    Wind and current direction and strength are kind of important when you are traveling that way.

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