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Video rental Store A charges a membership fee of $25 and $2 for each movie rental.
Video rental store b charges a membership fee of $10 and $2.50 for each movie. Find the number of movies rentals for which both stores' charges are the same

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    Ok how bout if you equate the number of movies each store sold as x and then multiply it by how much it costs to rent a movie at each store. Set up two equations with the member fee included into the equation,one for Store A (use y to represent the total cost)

    25 + 2x = y

    then do the same for the other eaution

    10 + 2.5x = y

    no equate them together

    25 + 2x = 10 + 2.5x

    now all you have to do is solve for x and that will tell you how many movies were sold.

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