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The US has laws that (restrict,waylay) the numbers and kinds of immigrants allowed to enter this country

By the time you are old enough to enter the workforce many (vocations sages) that are important today may not even exist anymore

As the defense attorney left the courtroom he was (waylaid designated) by a group of eager reporters to get a statement from him

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    All are correct. :-)

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    With the other team ten points ahead and only a few more minutes left to play our hopes of victory began to (wither gloat)

    Since I am convinced that violence alsways creates more problems than it solves I have become a (pacifist bigot

    The children who are admitted free to the ball game will be allowed to sit only in certain (designated motivated) parts of the stands

    To (slake restrict) our curiosity you will have to tell us everything that happened during that strange tip

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    Yay! All right again!

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    No matter what it may cost me to carry out I will never break my sacred (vow illusion)

    Before we begin our backpacking trip we should have a good idea of the (terrain vocation) we are going to

    has it ever occured to you that your belief that you are a superior person and a natural leader may be more than a (illusion barrage)

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    Just how and why two people fall in love is a(n) (queue enigma) that no scientist has ever been able to explain

    A good loser doesnt sulk over defeat a good winner doesnt (gloat vow) after victory

    Since you have so many prejudices of your own you should think twice before you accuse other people of being (enigmas bigots)

    A great teacher not only makes the material of the course understandable but also (infuriates motivates) the students to want to learn more.

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    All are right except the first one.

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    World War II was a truly (global pacifist) struggle, fought in all parts of the world by people of every race and background

    She is never bored because she has great (enigma diversity) of interests ranging from folk dancing to mathematics

    The applicants for the job will have to (queue slake) up in an orderly way and wait their turns to be interviewed

    Entangled in the trappers net the (infuriated withered) lion roared in helpless anger

    When the speaker asked for opinions from the audience he was greeted with a (barrage terrain) of critical remarks and angry questions

    her analysis of what is wrong with our city government seems to me remarkly (sage global) and helpful

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    Bobpursley already checked this last set of questions.

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    Ots correct

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