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Can you proofread this writing? I also need a good title.

Theme, what comes to mind when you hear this word? When I hear this word, I think of the overall meaning or lesson of a story. In the story, “Two Kinds, by Amy Tan there were many themes that fit the story, but one main theme is, “You should do what’s right for yourself, not others.”
There are many examples that characterize the theme in the story. First example is, “At first my mother thought I could be a Shirley Temple.” This example proved to show that her mother wanted her to be a Shirley Temple, but that wasn’t her. Second example is, “In all imaginings, I was filled with sense that I soon would be perfect, said the girl.” Is that her, why does the little girl want to be someone she’s not? Third example is, “Why don’t you like me the way I am? I’m not a genius! I can’t play the piano.” I said this was an example because it not only showed she didn’t want to be someone she was not, “a genius,” but her mom wanted her to do something she wasn’t ready for. Last example was when the little girl hit the wrong note on the piano, because she hadn’t practiced enough. However, she never corrected herself she just kept playing in rhythm. The little girl wasn’t going try to be the best she could be cause that wasn’t her.
As you can see, there were many examples in the story to show the theme, “You should do what’s right for yourself, not others.” Theme, Theme, Theme! Themes are very useful and important to stories, because you not only teach a lesson, but have a true meaning. Theme, know that you know what it is, you can use it too.

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