National Junior Honor Society - HELP!

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Since I'm in the NJHS, last Wednesday was my first meeting. We discuss the expectations, blah blah blah.

Then we also discuss leadership positions.
Like President, Vice President, Secretary, Reporter, Treasurer, and Committee Chairpersons. In the packet is said "If you are interested in filling that position be prepared to give a short speech to your fellow members"

From the packet:
Reporter: Due to the parameters of this office, the secretary should be computer literate, have access to a computer, be a decent writer, and be able to meet at the end of each marking period with the advisors.
• Writes any letters of information or thank you letters for all Honor Society events
• Is in charge of all information coming out of the Honor Society
• In charge of advertising all Honor Society events
• Assists the secretary in all Honor Society endeavors.

I wanted to be the reporter so I have to write a speech explain WHY I should be voted as the Reporter. The advisor said that my speech have to be 1 minute. I need help starting my speech.

  • National Junior Honor Society - HELP! -

    First, decide what you want to say in your speech. Why do you want to be the reporter? More importantly, what skills do you have that will contribute to the Honor Society?

    Then -- think about the beginning. You could introduce yourself and state that you would like to be the reporter.

  • National Junior Honor Society - HELP! -

    Thank You Ms. Sue! :)
    I'm going to be posting my speech for you or any other teachers to check to see if it's good.

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