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1. Creates energy in the form of ATP
2. The gel-like liquid that fills the cell
3. Sorts, packages, and sends out proteins
4. Helps the chromosomes divide faster in animal cells only
5. Creates food energy from sunlight energy
6. Responsible for digestion
7. Forms the cell's skeleton
8. Controls what gets in and out of cells
9. Breaks down harmful toxins in the cell
10. Stores food and waste products in the plant cell only
11. Where proteins are made, also helps divide up the cell
12. Stores the DNA and controls the cell
13. Protects plant cells and maintains structure

Any help would be appreciatated greatly, since I'm currently studying for mid-terms.

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    The purpose of studying for midterms is for the student to go back over his/her notes and assigned reading.

    I urge you to spend a couple of hours finding these answers. Then -- if you're still stumped on one or two of them, we may be able to help you.

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