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solve the logarithmic equation. be sure to reject any value of x that is not in the domain of the orginal logarithmic expression.

In square root of x+2=2 (If I try to make the square root sign it will not come out right so I wrote it out instead)

What is the exact solution.

A. The solution set is {?}

B. There are infinitely many solutions?

c. There are no solutions?

  • pre-calculus -

    sqrt(x+2) = 2. sqrt means Square Root.
    Square both sides:
    x + 2 = 4
    X = 2.

  • pre-calculus -

    Ln sqrt(x+2) = 2.

    Exponential form:
    sqrt(x+2) = e^2
    Square both sides:
    x + 2 = e^4
    X = e^4 - 2.

    X = 54.60 - 2 = 52.60.

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