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C4 H10 O or diethyl ether or with a formula of CH3CH2OCH2CH3 its stick structure is
! ! ! ! ..
H-C-C-C-C- O-H
! ! ! ! ..
I used the this ! sign as a sign for bond. pls help me to determine the geometry for each central atom in this structure.
1) C Trigonal
2) C Tetrahedral
3) O bent
4) C tetrahedral
5) C tetrahedral
pls correct my work did i do the lewis structure right are my answers to each central atom's molecular geometry right.

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    Well, you note quickly that the spacing doesn't work on thhis forum.
    First you did not draw a Lewis structure nor did you attempt to draw one. The Lewis structure, better known as the Le3wis dot structure has electrons instead of the bonds. I can't draw that on this forum but here is a link that may help.
    The hybridization for all of the C atoms is sp3 which makes them tetrahedral. The hybridization of the O atom is sp3 so it is tetrahedral.
    One way I remember is this.
    Count the bonds on C.
    4 bonds--sp3 -- tetrahedral
    3 bons (as in -C=C-) sp2 = trigonal planar.
    2 bonds (as in -CtripleC-) = sp = linear
    This holds for N as well.

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