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The reaction
2Na+ + 2Cl− ! 2Na + Cl2
is indicative of ? cell; the sign of the anode
is ? ; and ? forms at the cathode.
1. an electrolytic; negative; Na+
2. a voltaic; positive; Na
3. an electrolytic; positive; Na
4. an electrolytic; positive; Cl2
5. a voltaic; negative; Cl2

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    It should be obvious that the two reactions occurring are these.
    2Na^+ + 2e ==> 2Na. That's a reduction (gain of electrons) reaction. Also I expect you know that the positive Na^+ will be attracted to the negative electrode of the electrical supply.
    2Cl^- ==> Cl2+ 2e This is an oxidation (loss of electrons) reaction. The negative Cl^- will be attracted to the positive electrode of the electrical supply.

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