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Muriatic acid is the common name of industrial-grade hydrochloric acid (HCl). One of its uses is to clean or etch concrete in preparation for sealing or painting. It is typically sold in 5.00 gallon buckets, with a concentration of 11.7 M.

a.What volume of concentrated muriatic acid is needed to prepare 10.00 L of a 2.5 M solution?
b.If the entire 5.00 gallon bucket were diluted with enough water to make 100.00 gallons of solution, what would be the concentration of the diluted solution? NOTE: 1 gal = 3.7854 L

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    A compound Contains 14.5g of magnesium and 3.5 g of oxygen. what the mass of oxygen in the compound ?

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    a. How many mols do you need? That's M x L = mols
    Then M = mols/L. You have M and mols, solve for L. You may want to convert L to mL.

    b. 5.00 gallons x 3.7854 L/gallon = 18.93 L.
    100 gallons x 3.7854 L/gallon = 378.54 L.
    Then c1v1 = c2v2
    11.7 x 18.93 = c2*378.54
    Solve for c2.
    I should point out to you that there is no need to convert gallons to L.
    If you use
    11.7 x 5 gallons = c2*100 gallons you will get the same answer.

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    I may be missing something but the problem tells you there are 3.5 g oxygen in the compound.

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    How much energy is required to change the temperature of 210g of h2o from -40oC to 155oC?

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    You should not post piggy back on another post. Most of the times it doesn't get answered. Go to the top of the page and make a new post.

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