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What is the difference between overpopulation and Consumption overpopulation? What components would you find in an overall plan for sustuinability?

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    Overpopulation occurs when a population outstrips the available resources to provide a basic standard of living.

    Consumption overpopulation occurs when a population outstrips the available resources to provide a basic standard of living, plus an additional consumptive standard. (as an example, Imagine the difference between providing for a society where the average BMI is 20, versus a society where the average BMI is 30)

    Components for an overall plan for sustainability would include taking into account all that the society needs to provide for its basic needs, plus other wants that the society does not want to do without.

    For example, some countries might be o.k. with public transportation; other countries might not want to give up the convenience of the personal automobile.

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