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college physics

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A fighter-jet is in level flight at an altitude of 400m and with a speed of 200m/s. The fighter launches a rocket-powered missile horizontally from the underside of the jet. The rocket engine provided a constant horizontal acceleration of 25.0 m/s^2.

a) how far does the missile travel horizontally from the launch point to impact with the ground?

b) calculate the components of the missile's impact velocity.

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    x: v(x) = v₀ +at,
    x= v₀•t+at²/2,
    y: v(y) = gt,
    t=sqrt(2h/g) = sqrt(2•400/9.8)= 9.04 s.
    v(y) = gt = 9.8•9.04 =88.6 m/s,
    v(x) = v₀ +at = 200+25•9.04=426 m/s.
    s= 200•9.04 + 25•9.04²/2 = 2829.5 m.

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