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I am stuck on what to do for my homework assignment. We were told to come up with seven different statements for: Write down as many correct, distinct, and relevant facts you can about:
BrCl3 (g) + Cl2 (l) > BrCl5 (g) Kp = 7.82 * 10−6
When there is originally 0.215 atm of BrCl3, 725 g of Cl2, and 0.115 atm of BrCl5.

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    I'm not exactly sure of what you want but I can give you a start, perhaps.
    This is a redox reaction.
    The beginning concns are too high on the right; therefore, the reaction must shift to the left to reach equilibrium. [You can show this by Qp = 0.115/0.215 = 0.534 and this is larger than Kp.]
    Then I would go through and calculate the equilibrium partial pressures of BrCl3 and BrCl5 as well as the total pressures. That should get you started. Do and ICE chart for starters, too.

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    I thought to do an ICE chart but was not sure if I did it correctly

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