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I am writing my college essay. I amwriting about the most unforgettable experience i've had and how it impacted my life. I am writing about when my dad was arrested.

I have my opening (see below) but I don't know how to continue can you help.
The opening is

When I refelct on the events that have impacted me, i return to the morning of june 13, 2008. The man that has been my hero would be taken from me. This man is my dad. The sadness in his eyes as he was being taken away would leave a scar that i would have t deal with for years to come. The man, who is everything to me, would no longer watch me grow into the young lady i am today. The tragedy of knowing he will not be here during important times in my life has made me take a good look on how my life will proceed

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    Natural curiosity leads me to wonder why your dad was arrested. Was he convicted? How did this impact you?

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    My dad was arrested for things done on the computer. Yes he was convicted on May 4, 2009 and will not be released until June 2015.
    It has impacted my life in so many ways. My mind is blocked because I don't know how to start my next paragraph..can you heelp??

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    Brainstorm. Write down all of the ideas you have. Then let it sit for a day or so. Gradually I'm sure the details and organization will come to you.

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    I have brainstormed and have many ideas.. The essay is due tomorrow.. and I am blocked... I just cant firgure on how to start... Please help...

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    Can you help me with this.. I am stumped...

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    The only to get your essay written is to follow my directions above. Then just start writing. You may have to revise several times -- but at least if you have words on paper, you have something to revise.

    The best cure for writer's block is to jump in and WRITE!

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