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Part 2
Directions: Complete the description of the following people by using the correct form of the verb and translating the adjective. Remember to make it agree in gender and number with the person(s).

Example: Elena _______________ (pretty). Response: Elena es bonita.

Paul (boring). __________________________________________________________
Neil y Andrés (ugly). _____________________________________________________
Usted y yo (new). _______________________________________________________
Yo (fast). ______________________________________________________________
Teresa y Linda (interesting). _______________________________________________
Kate (rich). ____________________________________________________________
Nosotros (tall). _________________________________________________________
Carl y Trisha (young). ____________________________________________________

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    If you post your answers, I'll send this to our Spanish expert, SraJMcGin.

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    It's okay i got the answer!

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    Almost all the question are answered with the verb "Ser/Estar".
    Conjuga el verbo para cada persona.
    Verbo :Ser
    Yo soy
    Tu ...
    El/ella ...
    Nosotros ...
    Ellos ...
    Verbo: Estar.
    Yo estoy.
    Tu ...
    el ...
    Nosotros ...
    Ellos ...

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    and look for the spanish words. Of course, do not forget the gender and number.

    Viejo (old man)
    Vieja (old woman)
    Viejos (many old man)
    Viejas (many old woman)...

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