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Math 7th grade

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1) of the dolls in mo's doll collection,
1/5 have red hair. of these 3/4 have green eyes. what fraction of Mo's dolls
collection have both red hair and green

2) ( Use measurement conversions) find 1/2 of 1/4 of a gallon.

3) Cheryl is organizing her movie collection. if each movie casee is 3/4 inches wide, how many movies can fit in a 5 ft shelf.

can someone please explain and show me how they got their answers??? Thank you :)

  • Math 7th grade -

    1) Multiply:

    1/5 * 3/4 = 3/20

    2) Multiply as I showed you above.

    3) Divide:

    60/(3/4) = 60 * (4/3) = ?

  • Math 7th grade -

    that would equal 45?

  • Math 7th grade -

    but why would you multiply and then divide?

  • Math 7th grade -

    I mean 80 not 45

  • Math 7th grade -

    No. The answer to number 3 is not 45. Multiply (60/1) * (4/3).

    When we divide fractions, the divisor must be inverted and then multiplied.

  • Math 7th grade -

    so could you help me with number 2???

  • Math 7th grade -

    oh sorry my bad thank you ms.sue :))

  • Math 7th grade -

    You're welcome, Catalina.

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