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Where are art styles going to lead in the near future

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    My crystal ball is so cloudy tonight that I can't predict the future of art.

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    can you help, what is this question answering? It says, based on the examples you have seen from the various time periods in history, try to uncover any trends and deduce the direction art style is heading.

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    This question is asking you to use your knowledge to predict the future of art. There is no right answer -- but you should be prepared to justify your opinion.

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    ok so for the first question on how art will change in the future, i said it will be more.. realistic. Do u think that's a good answer?

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    It's your opinion. Why do you think it will be more realistic? Is your opinion based on what you've learned about the history of art?

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    Idk because i feel like modern art in the 20th century, is realistic, with the nude statues, and paintings, and things looking like a photograph nowadays. U know what im saying?

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    i think more than painting there will be more systems of photograph and printouts from the printer.
    there won't be much demand for painting.
    infact new yongsters r very lazy so they can't even think of making a printer.
    there will very few people left, who love to paint.

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