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Find the second derivative for the function 5x^3+60x^2-36x-41
and solve the equation F(X)=0

i got to the second derivative but what do we do next to be able to get one of these answers..

F(x) = 5x3+60x2−36x−41
1. derivative of F(x)
with respect to x = 15x2+120x−36
2. derivative of F(x)
with respect to x = 30x+120

a. 4
b. 5
c. 0
d. 41
e. 36


    Your derivatives are correct

    As to solving f(x) = 0
    5x^3+60x^2-36x-41 = 0 is a tough one, since it does not factor

    I used an apps to find

    x = 1.11169
    x = -12.5227
    x = -.589024

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