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it is about the system R or R programme. Can anyone help me about the question? Urgent!

Let X denote the concentration of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) in milligrams per
liter. Following are 20 observations of X:
130.8 129.9 131.5 131.2 129.5 132.7 131.5 127.8 133.7 132.2
134.8 131.7 133.9 129.8 131.4 128.8 132.7 132.8 131.4 131.3

(a) Construct an ordered stem-and-leaf display, using stems of 127, 128,......., 134.
In R, use the stem function.
(b) Find the midrange, range, interquartile range, median, sample mean, and
sample variance.
(c) Draw a box-and-whisker diagram. In R, use the boxplot function.

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