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Describe how you would prepare 10 mL each of 2 M, 1.5 M, and 1 M NaCl solutions from a 2 M stock NaCl solution. Describe your actions–exactly what you woulddo–step-by-step–when preparing thissolution. Also show all calculations. Be sure all amounts include un

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    For 2M it should be obvious that you add 2M stock soln slowly until it reaches the mark of a 10 mL volumeric flask.

    Here is how you do the 1M.
    mL1 x M1 = mL2 x M2
    10 x 1.0 = mL2 x 2
    mL2 = (10 x 1/2) = 5 mL.
    Using a 5.0 mL pipet, transfer 5.0 mL of the 2M stock solution to a 10 mL volumetric flask, then add water to the mark. Stopper and mix thoroughly.

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