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You are to create an efficient OO application to be used by the wait staff at the Mason Inn. You will process one waiter/waitress at a time. The user will provide information for him or her, to include: their name, number of hours worked and hourly wage. Additional information to be stored for each employee will be their total number of tables served and the total tips collected. To make your data definition class more robust, include the capability to provide either no information; the employee name; or the employee name and hourly wage at object creation time.

The hourly wage – must be between the minimum of $5/hour and the maximum ‐‐ $8/hour, and number of hours worked – must be between one and sixty.
When processing an employee, prompt for the amount of tip for as many tables as desired. The value of each tip should be between $.01 and $100.
The Restaurant application should request the necessary input from the user (name, hourly wage, number of hours worked and each tip amount received) and produce readable output for each waiter/waitress to include the total salary for the week – based on hourly pay, total received in tips, total amount earned (salary and tips) and the average tip amount. Then allow the user to enter another employee. In addition to the summary presented for each member of the wait staff, a final summary that includes the total salary paid out, the total in tips collected and the largest tip received by any wait person.

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