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analyze the graph of the function

r(x)= 13x + 13
5x + 15

  • pre-calculus -

    what can you figure out? Consider zeros, asymptotes of all kinds, maxima and minima.

  • pre-calculus -

    So, there is not one in particular that this question falls under then. That's where I have my problem is not knowing what and where to start from as far as the formulas for each equation goes. I did good with algebra but come to this my brain has just stopped. Like I said ealier I know I do not need this class for nursing but still.

  • pre-calculus -

    since the numerator is 13x+13, r(x) = 0 when x = -1

    since the denominator is 5x+15, the denominator is zero when x = -3, so there is a vertical asymptote at x = -3.

    As x gets huge, r(x) =~ 13x/5x = 13/5, so there is a horizontal asymptote at y = 13/5

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