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Alright, I have a question.
Last year was my freshman year in high school, and I didn't really care about my grades.
I wasn't failing, but they werent excellent. They were about average.

This year, I am making almost all a's, im in honors classes, and im working my BUTT off. How much will this affect my gpa if I keep excellent grades all throughout high school?

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    Also, what are some things colleges like to see with a person? Community service, etc.

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    Id like to talk about it a little bit, because I have more questions. But thanks to whoever answers:)

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    You're like many students (including my son) who really get down to work in their sophomore year. Colleges like to see students who can turn their lives around and start making top grades.

    Yes, in addition to an excellent GPA, colleges want to see community service, good SAT/ACT scores, and leadership within your school.

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    So I didn't just throw my life away? I sure hope not! Im making such better grades now and I feel SO much better about myself. So, it shouldn't hurt me tooo much should it? I want a masters in nutrition, dietics, and personal training.

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    Of course you didn't "throw your life away!" You are definitely on the right track! Keep up the good work! :-)

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