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Word bank: adverse arid assailant billow confront constrain contemporary depict disinterested encompass groundless hypocrite incomprehensible manipulate maximum mimic ruffle serene sheepish stamina

Since Tom is both smart and disinterested I think he is just the person to decide which of us is right in this long and bitter quarrel

Held back by ____ winds the plane arrived at the airport two hours late

Under the law the ____ number of people who may ride in this bis is 75

For a long time I thought he was a good and sincere person but I finally saaw that he was no more than a(n) ____

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    Stamina and adverse are wrong.

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    The ___ expression on her face showed that she was totally undisturbed by the confusion and turmoil around her

    This basic textbook ____ all the info you will have to master for the entrance examination

    using the entire east wall of the new post office building the painter tried to ____ the founding of the city

    You and lucy will never settle your quarrel unless you ______ each other directly and listen to what the other person has to say

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    The last one is wrong. The others are right.

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