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Which of the following sentences displays an INCORRECT use of interjections?

A.No, I have not told Laura about the surprise!

B.Great! I will make a reservation for the restaurant right away.

C.Well, now that I think about it, maybe we should choose another date for the dinner.

I know for a fact C uses an interjection properly, but I'm not too sure on the others. I think the answer is C, but I saw examples in my book that used both "well" and "no" as interjections in the exact same way! Help please :)

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    Using interjections gets into a gray area of grammar. But I could argue that A is incorrect.

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    You were right, the answer was A, thank you!

  • Classifying sentences, adding interjections -

    How do I classify the following sentence adding interjections:

    SNV/P1 1.Oh, no! Roberto stepped(on a sharp rock!)Imp

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