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find the acceleration if the velocity changes from:
a) 2m/s to 4m/s in 4s
b) 5m/s to 10m/s in 2s
c) 100m/s to 120m/s in 5s
d) 86m/s to 94m/s in 4s
e) 21m/s to 35m/s in 18s

thank you!

  • phyics -

    acceleration is (change in velocity)/(time used)

    That is, keeping track of the units,

    acceleration(m/s^2) = velocity(m/s) / time(s)

    a) (4-2)m/s / 4s = 2m/s / 4s = 1/2 m/s^2

    Do the others in like wise. Come on back if you get stuck, or just want confirmation of your answers.

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