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2) To the solution in problem 1 (d) at 100 degrees celsius, 10g of water are added, and the solution is cooled to 0 degrees celsius... (problem 1d: the number of grams of water required to dissolve a mixture containing 15 g KNO3 and 3.5 g CuSO4 * 5 H20, assuming that the solubility of one substance in not affected by the presence of another).

How much KNO3 remains in solution?

How much KNO3 crystallizes out?

How much CuSO4 * 5 H20 crystallizes out?

What percent of the KNO3 in the sample is covered?

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    You need the solubility of KNO3 and CuSO4.5H2O at zero C and 100 C. There was an experiment like that in an old lab manual of mine BUT the instructions gave the solubility in a table.

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    The solubity of KNO3 at 0 is 20 g and CuSO4.5H2O at 0 is 10 g. i'm lost as to how this pertains to the answers.

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    That's half of it. What is the solubility at 100 C?

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