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Yesterday I posted three analogies, two I needed to know of they were correct, the other I was lost on, can someone take a look I have to go soon. Is the first one a comparison of Sandra and her fear to that of the kitten?

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    Here's your original post.

    Posted by leah on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 12:32am.

    I am having trouble with finding the analogy in this one: sandra was sitting in the backyard avoiding the party. she jumped when she heard a noise but it was just a little gray ritten. he look even more scared of her and she was of him. He paused and then walk toward her slowly. he looked ready to run but when she held out her hand he sniffed it. sandra petted him took a deep breath and went back to the party.

    Are these two right: (1) the day Jan buried his dog the sky cried with him. Analogy= sky is to rain as cry is to tear (2) walter looked at the papers piled high on his desk and spilling over over onto the floor. he could hardly walk into the room without hearing the crunch of wrinkled pages underfoot. he felt like one of those birds that makes a nest by weaving together chewed scraps of paper. Analogy = walter is to bird as walking is to weaving
    English - helpplease, Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 10:11am
    Would it be worser better like this...analogy one: Walter-walking, bird-weaving. Analog
    y two: sky-, cry-tear?

    The one I am really lost on is Sandra/kitten story is the comparison the fear

    I believe that in the Sandra story, a loud noise is equated with fear.

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