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AP Physics

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A hot air balloon containing an AP Physics student ascends vertically at a constant speed of 8 m/s. While ascending, he accidentally drops his rubber duckie from the gondola of the ballong. Seven seconds after it is dropped the duckie bounces off a roof at point A and hits the ground at point B as shown in the sketch at the right.

A. Find the distance from the point where the duckie is dropped to point A
B. Find the speed of the sweet little rubber duckie just before it hits the roof

Suppose that immediately after bouncing off the roof, the velocity of the rubber duckie is 12m/s 37 degrees BELOW the horizontal and that point B is horizontal distance of 24 meters from point A.

C. Find how far point A is above point B
D. Find the duckie's time of flight between points A and B
E. Find the Velocity of the duckie the instant before it strikes the ground at Point B

I Put:
A. 240 meters
B. 68.6 meters
C. 49 meters
D. 2.51 seconds
E. 31.8 meters per second

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