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find the reference angle of -20000 and express the six trigonometric functions of -20000 in terms of the six trigonometric functions of its reference angle.

  • trig -

    -20000/360 = -55.555555..
    = -55 - 200/360

    so we have 55 clockwise rotations and then another clockwise rotation of 160°
    360-200 = 160° in the counterclockwise of positive rotation direction

    160° is in the second quadrant, where the sine is positve and we are 20° from the x-axis

    so the reference angle is 20°

    sin(-20000) = sin20
    cos(-20000) = -cos20
    tan(-20000( = -tan(20)
    I will let you do the cosecant, secant, and cotangents

    test the above 3 with your calculator.

    that is,
    sin -20000 - sin 20 should be zero, it is on mine.

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