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Determine if the following are caused by random or systematic error:

1. Slightly depressing the rubber band bumper with the glider before releasing it.

2. Despite using proper techniques to measure the length of the rectangular plate, you and your lab partners get slightly different values.

3. Getting slightly different values for the transit time every time you measure it.

4. Allowing the glider to stop by hitting the bumper at the lower end of the air on one or more trials.

5. Getting a slightly different value for the position of the photogate as you move the glider back and forth to determine where the leading edge breaks the beam.

6. Remeasuring the photogate position at the end of the experiment and getting a number that is significantly different from the starting value.

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    This was your lab experiment. It is up to you to answer the questions. We have no clue what is supposed to have been done.

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