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I'm doing a review sheet for math and a certain question states: "solve: ln(3/4)"

What should I take solve to mean?

Do I just change it's form to ln(3/4) = ln3 - ln 4 ?

Or, perhaps, I need to actually enter in the value into a calculator.

How would you take on this question?

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    An other question states: "Solve: sin(35)"

    Again, same idea, how should I take this question? Should I just convert it into radians or should I just enter it into a calculator?

    The way they word these review questions are confusing to me. They should really be more specific...

    Again, how would you math pros take these kinds of questions? Your input is much appreciated!

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    Correction, I should have said convert it to radians using a calculator or convert to radians using this conversion thingy: pi/180 degrees

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    Actually it probably has something to do with trig identities...

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    Well, now I'm just over thinking things...

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    Unit circle.... ugh. Probably have to make estimates, if I'm not to use a calculator.

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    it means nothing to say "solve ln(3/4)"
    There's nothing to solve.
    It should say something like "evaluate ln(3/4) as a sum of logs of integers" or something

    Check examples in the same section of the text to see what they mean.

    If it's a stand-alone problem, question the teacher. You can't "solve" an expression. You solve equations, evaluate expressions in terms of some other expressions.

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    Thanks, Steve! They are stand alone questions, so I'll ask my teacher what he means.

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