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A student is running through the halls of solon high school at a constant velocity of 4 m/s, so that he/she can be on time to science class. If the class is 25 meters away, will the student make it in 5 seconds?

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    No. 4 * 5 = 20 m

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    You should approach this problem by gathering all of the information that is relevant to answering the question. The question is:

    Will the student make it to class in 5 seconds?

    What is needed to answer this question?

    Velocity of the student, and distance to the class room.

    The velocity of the student is 4 meters/second which means that every second the student will travel exactly 4 meters.

    The distance that the student has to travel is 25 meters.

    So if the student travels 4 m/s for five seconds the distance will be:

    D = 4 m/s * 5 s = 20 meters

    So the answer is no the student will not make it to class in 5 seconds because they will have only traveled 20 meters.

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    Thank you soooo much Jason!!

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