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At the pet store ruth bought 5 rawhide bones and 3 dog collars.She gave the cashier 90$ and received $6 in chage.If a dog collar costs 3 times as much as a bone find the cost of one dog collar.

My answer is 63 am i right if not please show me why and how.

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    Your answer is obviously wrong. She bought 3 collars. If she paid 63 for one collar -- then she would have paid 189 for three.

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    so is the answer 21?

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    Let's check:

    (3 * 21) + (5 * 7) = 98

    Nope -- you're getting closer.

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    is it 18.

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    Let's check.

    (3 * 18) + (5 * 6) = 84


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    my mother dosen't under how you get 18 can you please explain.

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    I don't know. I found the right answer by trial and error.

    Lidia-- I'm not a math teacher -- so please don't include my name on your future posts.

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    cost of bone --- x
    cost of collar --- 3x

    5 bones + 3 collars = 84
    5x + 3(3x) = 84
    14x = 84
    x = 84/14 = 6

    cost of bone = $6
    cost of collar = 3(6) = $18

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    Thanks, Reiny!

    I hope Lidia sees your answer.

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