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5. You have made the following two solutions: X) hydrogen ion concentration = 1 x 10-5M Y) pH = 4
State which statements below are true and which are false: a. Solution X contains 1 x 10-9M hydroxide ions.
b. Solution X contains more H+ ions than Solution Y. c. Solution Y contains 1 x 104M hydrogen ions.
d. Solution X is basic.
e. Solution Y is more acidic than solution X.
f. Solution X has ten times more OH- ions than solution Y.

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    (H^+)(OH^-) = Kw -= 1E-14

    X = pH of 5; Y = pH of 4.

    pH = -log(H^+) Solve for (H^+)l.

    pH < 7 = acid
    pH = 7 = neutral
    pH > 7 = basic

    See b and d.

    pH + pOH = pKw = 14; then
    pOH = -log(OH^-)

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