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college alg

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for the given functions f and g find the following and state the domain of each result

f(x)=3x+1/8x-9; g(x)=5x/8x-9
(they look like fractions)

A) (f+g)(x)=?
B)domain of (f+g)
c) (f/g)(x)=?
d) domain of f/g?

please show work

  • college alg -

    a. (f+g)x = (3x+1)/(8x-9) + 5x/(8x-9) =

    b. 8x-9 = 0
    8x = 9
    X = 9/8.
    When X = 9/8, the denominator becomes zero and the fraction undefined. Therefore, 9/8 is out of the domain.

    Domain = All real values of X except 9/8: 9/8 > X > 9/8.

    c. F(x)/G(x) = F(x) * 1/G(x).
    F(x)/G(x) = (3x+1)/(8x-9) * (8x-9)/5x=

    d. The domain = all real values of X:

    -Infinity < X < +Infinity.

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