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I am looking for help. I have read this article in the New York Times Several times. It is a lengthy article. It is "A Genratin Hobbled by the soaring cost of college bt Andrew Martin and Andrew Lehran. I cannot figure out the authors purpose or what the main ideas ideas. PLEASE HELP!!

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    The cost od an undergraduate education is rising higher than the salaries of borrowers and inflation and if things remain the same through 2016, the cost of an undergraduate education will have doubled in 15 years.

    Also, students and parents need to have standardized and clear info about the cost of an education, the repayment options and the total cost to get a degree in order to make an informed decison..

    I am still confused about the purpose..

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    The purpose is to call people's attention to the debilitating effects of large college loans.

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    How are my main ideas? Do you see anymore ideas I can put into a paragraph?

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    Look carefully at the topic sentence of each paragraph.

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    Are the ideas I have good enough?

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    Are the ideas I posted good?

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