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Ten pounds of liquid water is at a temperature of 180 degrees F at standard atmospheric conditions.

Determine the energy required to convert this to water vapor (steam) at a temperature of 212 degrees F.

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    Do you want this in BTU?
    q1 = heat to move from 180 to 212.
    q1 = mass x specific heat x (212-180)

    q2 = heat to vaporize water at 212 to steam at 212 F.
    q2 = mass x heat vaporization.

    Total heat = q1 + q2.

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    I don't know how to find the specific heat in q1.
    I have q1 = 320 (specific heat)

    #2) How do I find heat vaporitzation for q2?

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    You don't have a table in your text/notes?
    specific heat H2O = 1.00 BTU/lb*F
    heat vaporization = 970.4 BTU/lb

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