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Write an equation for the line in point/slope form and slope/intercept form that has the given condition.


4. Slope = 3/2 and passes through the origin.

5. x-intercept = 4 and y-intercept = -3

6. Passes through (3, 2) and is parallel to 2x-y=4

7. Passes through (-1, -1) and is perpendicular to y= (5)/(2)x+3

  • Algebra2 -

    as you know, slope is ∆y/∆x
    so, for any point (x,y) on the line containing (h,k) with slope m,

    m = ∆y/∆x = (y-k)/(x-h)
    or, as some like it,
    y = m(x-h) + k

    So, for #6,
    2x-y = 4
    y = 2x-4, so
    slope is 2, so

    (y-2) = 2(x-3)
    y = 2x - 4

    Do the others the same way. Com eon back if you get stuck. Be sure to show how you got there.

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