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how did classical traditions survive despite the fall of states?

for china,roman empire and Gupta empire
please and thank you

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    People are much slower to change than governments.

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    can you give more information about it ms.sue..?

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    I could find a bunch of websites for you, but your best source of information is your text book.

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    im in AP class and its too choppy its everywhere, but is the basic of it this.
    In Han China the strict family hierarchy stayed and the belief values of Confucianism. In the Roman Empire the architecture and philosophical thinking survived also the whole eastern half did also. In Gupta India the culture survived and this was caste system and Hinduism.<--- does this make sense ?

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    Yes, this makes sense.

    I don't know if your book mentions this, but the Roman Empire also lived on in the structure of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church.

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    its does not but what is that about?

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    also can you break down with the roman empire

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