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In one version of the game Keno the house has a pot containing 80 balls numbered 1 through 80,.the house then selects 20 of the 80 numbers at random .
The house randomly selects 20 numbers from the counting numbers 1-80 .In the variation called 6-spot keno, the player pays 60 cents for his ticket and marks 6 numbers of his choice .If the 20 numbers selected by the nouse countain at least 3 of those chosen by the player, he gets a payoff according to this scheme.
3 of the players "s numbers among the 20 ----- $0.35
4 of the player's numbers among the 20 ------ $2.00
5 of the players numbers among the 20 ------ $60.00
6 of the player"s numbers among the 20 ------ 1250.00
Find the players expected net winnings in this game
Pleaeease show me the work

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