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A ball is thrown upward in such a way that its speed is 32.3 m/s when it is at half its maximum height. Find
(a) its maximum height,
(b) its velocity 2.0 s after it's thrown,
(c) its height 2.0 s after it's thrown, and
(d) its acceleration at its maximum height.
Please show work.

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    (a) v=vₒ-gt
    h= vₒt-gt²/2=vₒ²/2g =32.3²/2•9.8=53.23 m.

    (b) v= vₒ - g•t1 =
    = 32.3 - 9.8•2=12.7 m/s

    (c) h= vₒ•t1-g•t²/2=
    =32.3•2 – 9.8•4/2 =42 m

    (d) g=9.8 m/s² (eveywhere)

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