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which country is the biggest (mongolia,china,southkorea,north korea,japan? p.s. i am 8 yaers old and going to 4th grade so use 4th grade words so thank you but no thanks to the geeks. sincerely, cesia xoxo

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    China is the biggest country -- both in population and area.

    See this map.

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    i think it might be china because im doing aversge s.s in fourth grade even though im top of the class so yeah i think its china im only 9 so it may or may not be wrong

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    Its China its got like 1.8 billion people

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    I'm pretty sure it's China.

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    We are not geeks. WE are smart individuals.

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    Maddie is correct! we are not geeks! (sort of.) we bring smartness into the world. go smart individuals!

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    Hi. I am from South Korea and just saying Both Koreas are not a big country. So, China is the biggest.

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    It is china.

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    china as of today but i believe we can grow bigger and become bigger than china :)

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