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is this essay persausive and can you check and fix any mistake topic is your surroundings create who you are

My surroundings create who I am. My parents help me by taking me to school picking me up from school. They also encourage me to do the best. They buy me school stuff. They provide cloths, food and a home. They help me reach my goals in my life and become successful. Others don’t have food, cloths, or a home. Others might not even be able to go to school. They might not even have someone to support them.
My friends don’t make me feel alone. They encourage me to do the right thing. They also encourage me to the best in school. If I don’t get something they will help me. Others may not have friends they may feel alone and no one to encourage them to do the right thing.
The teachers help me learn, so I can become successful in life and accomplish my dreams in life and make sure that I am doing the best. If I don’t get it they help me at anytime. They care about me. Others don’t have the opportunity to go to school and become successful and finish their dreams.
My brother and cousins tell me how to do stuff. Help me be more organize. They tell me what’s wrong and what’s right. They help me if I have a question on a homework problem and, they make sure I’m doing my homework right as well.
I am hardworking person my surroundings have created who I am. Because of their role model I will do my best and become a successful person. So your surroundings will create who you are. Your surroundings create your successful life or a not successful life.

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